Dec 11

7 Ways Computer Vision Helps Marketers See Better Performance

Explore seven marketing use cases of computer vision to see why the technology holds promise and unlocks new capabilities.

Computer vision has grown by leaps and bounds, enabling exciting capabilities in the marketing field. The technology uses AI and machine learning to scan images and accurately identify objects and components within them.

Through computer vision, digital systems are able to recognize and make sense of the contents within images, similar to how humans use their eyes and brains to see and process the world around them. In fact, you have likely already interacted with various components of computer vision on social media. For instance, when Facebook recognizes a friend’s face in your photo and asks, “Do you want to tag [name]?” – that’s computer vision doing its thing. Snapchat and Instagram also use the technology to apply filters, leveraging computer vision to recognize parts of the face like eyes, lips, jawline, and nose, and augmented reality (AR) to modify features in real time, like adding a puppy face or branded image.